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I write to process, and thought the words may resonate for someone else, even just one person…

I woke up out of a deep sleep by thoughts and unrest, my heart aching for reasons too many to number. The image of my two most precious gifts upset at all that unfolded during the day replayed like a loop tape in my mind, and the feelings of hurt felt by friends around the country (hurts in every shape and form) weighed heavy on me.

Some blamed Trump. Some blamed Pence. Some blamed Antifa. Some blamed Congress. Some blamed the courts, the system, the man, the elites, the proud boys, the machines, the other countries, the democrats, the republicans, the police, the media, the virus, the guards, the ones scaling walls, the ones sitting back, the ones shouting loud, the ones staying silent…from every angle in every way the blame boomeranged of who and what caused this horrific day for our country.

Tears fell and reconciling this tangled mess seemed impossible. Excuses? I have none. I have many. Reasons the same. There are none. There are many. But all of that mental noise is just dust because my heart cried out and this is what spoke through it…

“The fault is no one’s; the fault is everyone’s. Only when we stop looking outside ourselves, only when we turn inward and do the work to untangle that which keeps us anywhere but in neutral and at peace, anywhere but the love we were born of…only then will we begin again, anew. We are being broken to rebuild stronger, like a muscle, but we must own our part fully, for it is in the reflection that we find the answers not in the pointing of fingers.

When we face the mirror, we heal our broken parts, mend our wounds; and where we still have cracks, we can release the burden of camouflaging them and simply allow the light to pour through them. The ripple, the collective ripple of every one of us opens us up to heal together. The strength in our unity as a loving people will leave no space for those whose intent is anything less than that.

Yes, some wounds are bigger than others, some have more of the illusion of power than others. But the size is irrelevant to the healing and we each are equally powerful, no one more powerful than the other. We can each choose to be the magnet for and the lighthouse to all that is good.

Ask in every situation, near or far, “what did I do to contribute to this tragedy? I, me, myself. How am I a part of this?” The grip loosens with every moment of self reflection. Ask “where have I been living in fear?” As fear manifests itself physically, the collective manifestation is anger or apathy. Ask “where am I not living fully as the hands and feet of the most loving God?” and choose to use the body to do the work of source energy -love.”

I listened to my heart instead of arguing with it. A peace came over me. This is within my control, this. I know that if each and every one of us chose to shine our lights, the energy of the entire world would lift. I know we can each make this choice, but most importantly, in this moment, I know I can make this choice.

So today, I will search out my hurts and begin to heal them, I will see triggers as teachers, and I will choose words that speak life into the world not limitation, not destruction. I will be present and listen and hold space without judgement for anyone who is hurting. I will know that every act is either of love or a cry for it. I will choose to live fully in the vibration of love.

Yes, I’m a dreamer. But I am a believer too, and I know that this is possible and this is the work we were called here to do. And if I choose my perspective I can see that great strife is followed by great opportunity; the greatest pains birth the greatest blessings; the miracle awaits and happens in a moment with just a single shift.

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