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Resources for Dreamers & Believers

By Jenn Tuma-Young


To Hold a Mirror Up to Your Brilliance and Shine a Light on Your Gifts…


Hi, I’m Jenn! I believe in dreamers, like you. 

My Story

It’s hard to encapsulate our life stories in just a few sentences, but I’ll do my very best. I, like so many of you, spent much of my life questioning my worth. I have yo-yo’d and rode the rollercoaster with weight, finances, careers, boyfriends, best friends, self-esteem- you name it, and I’m sure I struggled with it. Through the years, I realized something extraordinary and simple all at the same time – I find the greatest peace when I show up to the moment fully plugged in to purpose, using whatever God has given me to serve another human being. And when we serve from the heart, all of our needs are met. 

I went on a personal quest about twenty years ago trying to “find balance”. Through extensive research, multiple certification programs, tons of courses, and working with thousands of people, I realized that balance is not something you find at all. We cultivate our state of being; we are never a victim of circumstance, but rather a champion of our choices. We are given so much, right inside of us. And nothing is out of our reach. I am so grateful to the amazing people who were a “mirror” to me when I could not see the beauty within myself. I want to be that for YOU. Because you are magnificent.

I love witnessing people step into their divinely appointed awesomeness. Seeing you soar makes me smile. 

I have always been fascinated by human potential. I am so inspired when I see another reach a personal goal, overcome incredible odds, create something purely out of their imagination. From artists to bakers to song writers to entrepreneurs to parents to teachers – there is no one who does not amaze me with their unique gifts. I am in a constant state of wonder. I believe that with God all things are possible.

And that’s why I love working with people like you. I believe that you have everything you need inside of you already. You are not in any way “less than”, you need no “makeover”. If anything, you just need the reminder, a little bit of an eye opener, and perhaps someone to hold you accountable for moving forward. That’s where I come in. Each week, you will set actionable goals. I will keep you on track.

How I Learned About This Stuff

Sometimes people want to know the credentials, too. I get it!! I have extensive training in goal setting, removing hidden blocks, overcoming obstacles, identifying true gifts, taking action, bouncing back from challenges, resilience, perception, the brain-body connection, releasing energy drainers, assessing core values, kinesiology, communication, spirituality, as well as business development, team building, human resources, the five senses, and impact of environment. I have studied in places such as NYU, Life Coach Institute, Monmouth University, York College, American College of Sports Medicine, Spencer Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Wellcoaches and many more. I have researched and published 3 books, and have worked with thousands of people for the past two decades. I have traveled the country delivering workshops and speaking in the media on these subjects. I am always learning, and love to continually read, research, study, and take courses. 

The Student and The Teacher…

We are constantly learning and teaching; we are both teachers and students of life. Sometimes we teach what we most need to learn, and sometimes we have to make the same mistake over and over again to get the lesson. Mistakes, failures, tests & trials are essential opportunities for growth, appreciation, and connecting to the human spirit. Basically, sometimes life is a messy mess, but there is beauty in it all. The cracked pot shines the most light.

01 // My Most Precious Gifts

These kiddos are my greatest teachers. I have learned more from them in the last twelve years. They remind me every day of the loving, compassionate, creative souls we were born to be.

02 // My Hubby and Best Friend

Michael and I met at a butcher shop. I ordered Italian Wedding Soup and he spilled it all over himself. We became instant friends and just a few years later we exchanged our vows. He is the best daddy ever, the yin to my yang, the hard core to my country music, and the love of my life.

03 // My Partner in S.O.A.R-ing

In 2017, my dear friend Jess and I co-founded a women’s conference called “S.O.A.R Women’s Symposium”. Twice a year we host symposiums where women come to connect, share, learn, grow. We seize opportunity and rise together. It is another testiment to moving forward on a dream even when you are not exactly sure.


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