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A new client asked me the other day if I believed in manifesting. She told me she has been “trying to manifest” but hit a wall, and is unsure if it’s even possible.

I remember back in 2014, I was looking for a street on a delivery. I took a wrong turn and found this quiet, almost whimsical looking road, where all the houses were different, cottage type homes of varying shapes and sizes. One home had a rose bush archway and a little iron gate, it stood out to me, with its weathered door and tiled roof.

In 2016, a home on that same street went into foreclosure. It was a little larger than we needed, but I went to take a look because of the reduced price tag. I found out the home had massive termite damage and was considered a tear down, unsalvageable, making the project way out of range for us.
Two years later and it was time. For reasons too long to explain here, we needed to move. A bit panicked at first, I scoured the internet. Nothing in our area even close to our price came up, unless there was major work to be done. I let it go. I gave it to God.

Then one night a few weeks later, I felt the urge to look again. A home popped up with a rose bush archway and a little iron gate, tiled roof and weathered front door, just as I remembered. Five months after that night, by the grace of God, we moved in.

I didn’t even know when I first saw that home back in 2014 there was a lake in the back. When I met my husband, he was an avid fisherman. But with time, day to day responsibilities, running a food business, and raising two precious kiddos, our time at Spring Lake throwing the pole dwindled down to nothing.

In 2018, we had 2 major moves, our business and our home. Both were to places that had lakes associated with them. The symbolism of the lake is not lost on me. I believe that God asks us to trust Him, even though we cannot see Him, like the lake’s surface where you cannot see what’s below it. There are so many lessons I learn daily just by looking at the lake.

Reflecting back now, I think I was drawn to the home all those years ago because God planted a seed in me that said, “You will need to learn some things and this is where I will bring you to learn them, but you cannot force the timing of it.” And when I surrendered my control of incessantly searching, God delivered exactly what we needed in exactly the time we needed it.

I think there is something to manifesting. But I don’t view it as something we “try”, just simply rather a way of living that allows the things we desire the space to come to be. And it’s not about allowing in the “surface level stuff”, God wants us to go deeper with it.

Notice what speaks to you, be open to the seeds planted in your heart. Sometimes the seeds are to teach us, sometimes the seeds are to help others. You wouldn’t dream it if someone didn’t need it, right? That someone could be you or it could be another human you never met. And many times, it’s both.

God speaks through our desires of the heart, not our desires of the ego. But He teaches us through all of them, even if the lessons are sometimes messy and hard.

There are many times that I wanted something and it miraculously came to be. And with it, came many lessons as well. In some instances, the lessons were like a healing balm to my soul. While in others, the lessons felt more like being hit by a Mac truck. But ultimately, they all served a purpose.

There are also times where I wished and hoped and prayed and asked for something, and God did not deliver it to me. His plan was greater, and He gave me something else. In some cases, it felt like a beautifully wrapped hand crafted gift. In other cases it felt just the opposite. Ultimately, He works everything together for good, even when we don’t understand it.

I could write a whole book about this topic, but for now I will just say that as for manifesting, my personal feeling is this: Listen to what speaks to you. Notice it. Honor it. Be certain of the heart spoken desires that come through you. Ask for it. Be faithful. Be open. Listen more. Do the work. Trust. Let it go. And surrender. Then, with a heart full of gratitude, receive the gift and share it with others. #yougotthis