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Born to Soar Self- Discovery Course

The Born to Soar Self-Discovery Bundle is a self-paced course that offers tools to delve deep into self discovery so you can show up, light up, and serve from the heart using your unique gifts and your core anchors to center you and guide you, even through challenges, tests, mistakes, and failures!!

It is chock full of resources for goal setting {you will learn the Sunshine Goal Method}, fueling your heart, mind, and body well – chock full of recipes, worksheets, resources, checklists, and more!

The Born to Soar Self-Discovery Bundle combines 5 activity-based electronic workbooks with 5 PDF assessment tools. And, you will not only receive the self-study materials, you will also have access to the recorded 2-Part Born to Be Fearless Webinar Series {with a 3rd BONUS Webinar!} and the 4-Part 30-Day Balance Challenge Course + Companion Worksheets {4 Video Webinars & 8 downloads with worksheets + reference information}!

If you were to take these courses live, it would cost over $5000!! You can purchase the self-study course for a very tiny fraction of the cost for a limited time because GUESS WHAT?! I want you to SOAR – seize opportunity and rise!! I am opening the door for YOU to PICK YOUR LEVEL!!

YES!! You choose what you would like to invest in yourself and this program ~ you will get all the Born to Soar Self-Discovery materials at any price point you pick!!

Level 1 is $77 and includes everything list below!! Level 2 is $177 and includes everything listed below + a bonus video + access to 1 live group Zoom!!! And Level 3 is a huge value!! Level 3 is $777 and includes everything below, access to 3 live group Zooms, a bonus video PLUS (1) 60-minute private coaching session AND a (3) month membership to our Inspired Girl Lightworkers private Facebook group – this Level is valued at $2577 (you save $1800!!!)…


Born to Soar Self-Discovery Bundle (Assessments, E-Workbooks, PDFs, 3 Online Video Webinars) and 30-Day B.A.L.A.N.C.E Challenge with 4 Video Webinars and tons of resources + materials!

Product Bundle Details:
PRODUCT #1 Born to Be in Awe Discovery Tools (5 PDF Assessments)
1. Kickstart Your Confidence: Fuel Assessment
2. Strengthen Your Faith: Anchor Assessment
3. Enhance Your Vision: Sight Shifter Assessment
4. Powerful Connecting: Passion Purpose People Assessment
5. Share Your Gifts: Time and Talent Assessment

PRODUCT #2 Born to Discover the Joy in the JOurneY (5 E-Workbooks)
1. Re-Defining Success (to begin with a clear understanding of what success means to you)
2. Shining a Light on the Best
(to understand your personal best practices and mode of operation)
3. The Sunshine Method (to set goals that have truly personal, additional motivating factors that stir your soul)
4. Your Personal Navigation System (to identify how you naturally achieve goals)
5. Over, Through, and Around (to unlock your inner guide to handle any obstacle, roadblock, detour, or challenge that comes your way)

PRODUCT #3 30 Day B.A.L.A.N.C.E Challenge 
1. B.A.L.A.N.C.E Challenge Overview
2. Week One – 30 Day Balance Challenge Recording and Materials
3. Week Two – 30 Day Balance Challenge Recording and Materials
4. Week Three – 30 Day Balance Challenge Recording and Materials
5. Week Four – 30 Day Balance Challenge Recording and Materials

PRODUCT #4 Born to Be Fearless (2 Video Webinars + Bonus Video) When fear enters our minds, it can be a catalyst for despair. But in the space where there is faith, fear can not exist. While it’s normal (and sometimes intuitive) to have reservations, False Evidence Appearing Real can cloud our world and hold us back. These 2 Video Webinars will help you kick that fear to the curb and fill your heart with faith so you can be fearless to serve the world with your gifts!

The Born to Be Fearless Series includes:
1. Going From Whoa to Wow
2. 10 Confidence Kickstarters to Love Thyself
3. Bonus Video: Filling Your Cup of Faith and Sharing It ~ Techniques to Find Your Gifts and Share Them With the World