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I have been writing since I could hold a pen, so being a journal keeper comes naturally to me! In my Inspired Girl blog, I share bits of my heart with random thoughts on loving life, learning from lemons, and being saved by grace.

3 Techniques to Begin Practicing Being Present

Being present is one that often stirs a lot of questions. It sounds “good in theory”, but how can one actually “be present”. I remember asking this once to a very “Zen” teacher in a class I was taking , and his response was that he meditated for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. WHAT?! I laughed as I told him he must not be from Jersey! The people I work with barely have two minutes, let alone two hours…

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Lesson from a Flashlight

Random Early AM Thought: In complete awe of God's creation as He extends His grace through this magnificent peach streaked morning sunrise, reminding us it's beautiful to begin again...He redeems. He restores. When the night turns to day, wow. Such a humbling...

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So Long Status Quo!

So this morning while my LuLu was getting ready, brushing her teeth and fixing her hair in the bathroom, and the Little Man was upstairs sleeping, I decided to take a 3-minute "Get Up and Dance" break!! Yes, I full-on blasted this song and danced around my kitchen...

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Tip for Tasty Brown Rice

Here's a simple tip for tasty brown rice (or raw oatmeal or quinoa)!! Add your favorite type of tea bag to the pot of boiling water ~ it will fill the rice or oats with delicious, natural flavors!! You can also turn the dish into something smoky 'n sweet by tossing in...

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