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So I began an exercise called ‘Identifying Your Anchors’ with a client yesterday and she asked me, “What’s an anchor?”

And so I turned the question back on her, “You tell me. What is an anchor?”

And she laughed and said, “You mean like, for real?” I nodded and smiled. “Um, something you drop in the ocean?”

“Yes,” I said, “and why is it there?”

“Ummm to keep the boat in place. To stop it from moving.”

So many times in our lives we are put into situations that make us spin. We are faced with so many unexpected circumstances, and we can often run in a million directions before realizing that we are more than the hamster on the wheel. Your “anchors” are your core values that keep you grounded, when you are aware of them.

When you operate without honoring your core values, you lose direction; then you look to others for the magic solution when you really have all the answers you need within yourself. To find them, you have to be still, reconnect, and listen. To do this, metaphorically you can throw down the anchor.
By reconnecting with your core values, you discover your best self, the magnificent human you were born to be. You put your values in motion, consciously make an effort to express your values, set goals with your values in mind, and reignite your spark for life.

When you are fully connected to your core values, you find it much easier to let go of behaviors that don’t serve you. You create a life free of attachments (to outcomes, possessions, or people) and addictions. You release fear, ignite your spirit, and use your gifts and talents to serve the world. You set value-based standards of behaviors for yourself and others.

I suggest picking 3 to 4 core values that can serve as your anchors and when faced with situations or circumstances that make you spin, throw down the anchor and reconnect with your core values, consciously choosing your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions that align with who you are at the core. You will experience a huge shift from reacting to responding in a whole new way…

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