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Listening to the kiddos play and laugh and enjoy these last few hours of 2018 with their friends and my heart is very full.

This year we had 2 major moves – our home and our business, neither of which were really planned out, both happened pretty fast. But both moves brought us by water – our business moved into the “Lakehouse” building with the lake across the street and we literally moved into a lake house with the water behind us. Being by water – also not planned.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot because I don’t believe in “coincidences”. I do think there was a message for us in these moves both by lakes. God speaks to us in so many ways.

I think He wanted us to trust Him. I can’t see the bottom of the lake, but yet I trust it. I’m comforted by its peaceful presence. I think He wanted us to allow His peace into our hearts. The lake is calm, the water still. I think He begs for us to be still and know.

I feel so grateful for His amazing grace, although at times I feel so unworthy of it. We ask in prayer to “only say the word” and be healed. And so I promise in 2019 to be better. To accept His mercy and repent. To make choices that reflect this, to allow Him to live in me and through me with every breath I take.

This is my vow.

And to you, my friends and family and my awesome hubby, thank you is not nearly enough. Thank you for being the most magnificent mirror to remind me who I am whenever I forget. For loving me unconditionally, and for being there for me in life’s incredible ups and downs. I wish you all so many blessings for the year ahead.

And now I am going to brew another pot of coffee and wait to count down with my most precious gifts and their friends ♥️😉✨

WooHoo!! Let’s rock 2019 together!!!!