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Thank you SO much for visiting Inspirista Life. You Rock!! You’ve taken an important step, and I know you will realize all of your hopes, goals, and dreams!! I feel so blessed to be a part of this with you, and have a variety of ways we can work together.

Please read through the offerings and select what you feel suits you best. If you’d like to chat, please contact me so we can set up a call!! It is an honor to serve you.

The Challenge

The Challenge is a 30-day completely virtual program which includes information on 14 life-changing techniques to relieve and release stress, increase energy, and stretch beyond fear and insecurities. You can watch the recordings and go through the materials any time you choose!!

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for the challenge:

* Via E-mail, The Challenge Welcome Kit
* Via Snail Mail – A copy of the book, Balance is Bunk written by our founder, Jenn Tuma-Young
* For 30 Days – Course Materials, Email Tips, and Inspiration Direct to Your Inbox

Are you ready to for the Challenge?

This program is for you if you need a little kickstart or just want to enhance what you’ve read in Balance is Bunk.

Spark 1/2 Day SESSION

This 4-hour Spark 1/2 Day Session is designed for those who DREAM BIG, and would like to put some footsteps to the prayers in their hearts to move forward in faith!! We will assist you by clarifying your vision, and creating a high level action plan to give you some flexible structure for moving forward!!

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for a session:

* 4-hour 1/2 Day Private Session either in person via Skype 
* Session Preparation Materials and Welcome Packet
* Email and Online Support for the 30 days following our session
* Resources Specific to YOU and YOUR GOALS

Are you ready for your Spark Session?

Please use the contact button below to set up a complimentary 15-minute call to see if it’s the right fit! 

Creative Consulting

This is for entrepreneurs and small business owners – whether your brand needs a little bit of a “recharge”, you need creative ways to share your brand ‘story’, or you simply want to enhance an already inspiring brand, we work with brands we believe in to assist you in achieving your goals, by injecting creativity and imagination into the brainstorming and planning process.

Here’s what to expect from Creative Consulting:

* Custom Visioneering Program
* Clarify Your Vision
* Create Your Brand’s Mission & Message
* Creative Campaign Outreach & more…
* Sessions in-person or via Skype conference

It’s important that we discuss your options and see if we are a good fit for this program. We have very limited space available, and love to work with clients who are in total alignment – we can explore this more in depth when we speak. If you’re interested, reach out and we can set up a time to chat! Packages start at $2577.



I am a firm believer that limitless possibilities emerge with creativity and imagination. Whether you want to begin a new chapter of your life’s journey or navigate an existing one with ease and grace , I will assist you by helping you assess your needs, rediscover your gifts and opportunities, align your core values, clarify your goals, and design a “visioneering” plan.

In your sessions, we will dig deep into discovering your core values, your anchoring system, your true gifts, and your innermost dreams. We will also set goals to move you forward by taking bold, courageous steps so you can SPARK-BOUNCE-SOAR!!

Here’s what to expect from the Intensive Program:

* Private Session One-on-One Program 
* 60-Minute Sessions in person or via Skype
* Gain Clarity on Your Vision and Identify Your True Gifts
* Move Swiftly into Action and Overcoming Obstacles
* Email and Online Support

This intensive program is for you if you feel that tug in your heart that it’s time to move forward! Packages start at $2577. 

Let’s Connect…

If you’d like to work together privately with our founder Jenn Tuma-Young or with one of our Inspirista Life certified coaches, let’s schedule a call! We can explore opportunities together, and we can help guide you into the option we think is best!

Inspirista Life also offers virtual and online programs, as well as group workshops. We believe you are here for a reason, so whether it’s a free resource, a book, a virtual program, a workshop, or one-on-one, we’re certain there is something specifically appointed just for YOU!

1. Choosing Your Package

The choice up to you, as far as length of time we work together – we can do a single session or various monthly packages. Of course, working in 3-6 month increments does give us the time and space to create some incredible stuff together! Choose which length of time you think is best, then stretch yourself just a bit further.

2. Session Location

There are a number of ways we can meet for a session depending on your location and personal situation. Sometimes our coaches like to meet in your home, especially if you need clarity on identifying your gifts! We also have an office space, various co-working spaces we partner with, or we can meet via Skype.

3. Showing Up

I believe whatever you do in life, you get out of it what you put into it! I will give you 1000% at every session, and I ask you to do the same. That being said, this is your journey. Homework and goals should never feel forced, but rather exciting! I believe if you show up, do the work, and communicate clearly, with anything in life, you will achieve extraordinary results.


One-on-One Sessions

Intensive Programs

Virtual and Online Classes

Keynotes and Workshops

Workplace and Group Programs




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