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8-Week Challenge

How long has that dream been sitting in your heart? It’s time to bring it out of hiding. You would not dream it if someone didn’t need it!! Now more than ever world needs us all to show up fully to help and heal one another, and in the process, ourselves!

No more waiting. No more thinking. It’s time.

Are you ready to shine your light? Step into the full power that is YOU? This program is designed to assist you in clarifying your vision, stretching past your comfort zone, and taking action in order to create a massive shift.

Together, we will dig deep into discovering your core values, your anchoring system, your true gifts, and your innermost dreams. We will also remove blocks, and set goals to move you forward by taking bold, courageous steps, all while appreciating and finding joy in the journey, not solely focusing on a finish line.

You will shed behaviors that no longer serve you, and rather make choices that are in complete alignment with your core values.

This 8-Week Challenge is for you if you feel that tug in your heart that it’s time to move forward on your dreams! We will meet on Zoom weekly for (8) 1-hour sessions or you can catch the replay anytime! And you will have access to a private Facebook group where we will all stay connected and inspire one another!!