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Your Story Matters – Small Group Intensive to Publish Your Book


One of the questions I get all of the time is “How do you write a book?” There are so many techniques and programs available to aspiring authors, and I remember the overwhelm I felt for years trying to navigate the publishing world!!

I am SO excited to teach this course and spill all the stuff I’ve learned from experts in the top of their field like producers from nationally syndicated tv shows, editors of NY Times Best Selling books, agents who represent the top 6 and 7 figure authors, and of course from all of my own ups and downs over the years!!

You will walk away with a clear plan to write, publish, and market your book!!

You will also learn why you should NOT rely on Amazon (or KDP) as your only distributor, and how to connect with multiple distributors!

You will learn the importance of knowing your “takeaways” and how to use those to pitch media!

You will understand what is necessary to land a book deal, query an agent, and how to find representation and publishers that specialize in your area of writing!

You will learn how to become a Subject Matter Expert not just a Self Proclaimed Expert and how to stay on top of the latest research and studies in your area, and why this is critical even if you’re writing fiction or a memoir!!

Plus if you already have a book, but can’t seem to get signings, media traction, or shelf space in book stores, you will learn what the barriers are and how to redistribute and pitch the book with greater success!!

And so much more!!

I have limited space for this intimate small group in-person course, and if you have that tug in your heart that you should be there, I sure hope you listen to it!!!

I want to share what I’ve learned with people who have a story and message to share! This
small group intensive program will assist you by helping you assess whether you want to self publish or go the traditional route, and then give you weekly structure to keep things moving so it doesn’t just stay a “maybe someday” dream in your heart. The time is NOW – the world needs your book!

We will have 4 sessions together. In our initial session, we will clarify the publishing route of your choice – there are 2 extremely different paths to take, and this clarity will make the writing process so much smoother! We will set goals to move you forward by taking bold, courageous steps to bring your book into the world! I will also answer questions like ~

How do I write a book?
How do I figure out my chapters?
What is a book proposal?
How do I get an agent?
What’s the difference between self publishing, hybrid publishing, indie publishing, and traditional publishing?
How do I get published?
What are royalties?
How do I get a book advance?
How do I get my book in bookstores?
How can I get press about my book?
How do I pitch the media?

Here’s what to expect from the Author Intensive Program:
* In Person Small Group Program
* (4) 90-Minute Sessions on 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, and 3/30 at 6:00pm in Belmar
* Gain Clarity on the Writing and Publishing Process
* Move Swiftly into Action in Bringing Your Book into the World
* Walk Away With a Clear Roadmap to Writing, Publishing, Distributing, and Selling Your Book
* Email and Online Support for the duration of your intensive

This intensive program is for you if you feel that tug in your heart that it’s time to move forward and publish your book!