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A dear friend reached out to me yesterday. When I checked in about a project she was working on, she brushed it off casually saying something to the effect that it just wasn’t ‘her turn’ yet and divine timing is everything.

Poetic as that may have sounded, my heart took pause.

And this is what popped into it for my beautiful, light filled friend-

“This is your turn. It’s always your turn. Divine timing happens after we take bold actions, it’s never before. Bold actions are not what our humanness deems bold but what our spirit calls for…”

I shared it with her and she said she needed those words. Crazy how we are all connected, my heart knew what hers needed to hear. I am in awe how God speaks through creation in so many ways.

The crazier part? This theme came up several times throughout the day with several different people, even a stranger I got into a quick conversation with at 7-11 about a lottery ticket!!

I had to share because I think we ALL have had these thoughts at one point or another.

It’s easy for us to look at others and think either a) they’re the lucky ones; or b) it’s their turn; or c) they just have connections or money or time or fill in the blank with whatever XYZ someone may have more of that brought them the thing.

It’s also easy to look at ourselves and think either a) who am I to do the this? or b) it’s just not my time; or c) I am not ready to do the thing or I don’t have the right XYZ to do the thing or fill in the blank with whatever stops you from doing the thing.

But think about it – “my time” or “your time” or “your turn” or “my turn”…what does that mean? We are not waiting in line at the carnival for a chance to ride the pony.

Saddle up, and go NOW.

Waiting for ‘divine timing’ is fear in disguise, procrastination pretending to be a spiritual guide. I can’t say I don’t understand, I do. I totally do!! I’ve gone down the “who am I?” rabbit hole. Fear and I go WAY back. I am petrified more often than you can imagine.

But, I’ve learned that when we are afraid or scared or stewing in the muck of our minds, frozen in fear or speaking limitation on ourselves the absolute best thing we can do is express that junk to someone who won’t hold you to it. Someone who sees your light and knows WHO YOU TRULY ARE!! Don’t leave it in your head, get the ick out! They can listen, hold space, and then remind you who you were born to be.

And if you feel you don’t have anyone to do that with, remember, you are NEVER alone, just saying it aloud will open up conversation with God, the Universe, your divine source…allow yourself the space to listen to the wisdom of your soul.

It is always your turn. So what bold action will you take today? I am here for it ALL because the world so needs YOU and your gifts, your brilliance, your heart, and your beautiful light ♥️✨