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Last night I was moving over some content from my blog to my website and I found a link to an article where I was interviewed for Forbes about my first book years ago (link in comments). We specifically talked about my thoughts on time management. It’s funny because I believe it was no coincidence I found the link. I may have needed to re-read the article myself last night, I just had this conversation with a client yesterday afternoon and it served as a good reminder for me!!

Here’s the thing: human beings are incredible. We can juggle, manage, handle 10 million things in a day, running and racing with the best of them. But the concept of time management and multitasking created a myth: being busy = being productive ; being busy = being successful – whether as an employee, a parent, or in many cases both. And now we are passing this crazy stressed life down to the next generation.

I get it!

I used to multitask like nobody’s business, filling my time hour by hour day and night. And I was praised for it. People would say, “I don’t know how you do so much! That’s incredible!” And this validation of a cortisol- inducing lifestyle made me think I was on the right path.

But then one day, when my schedule was booked to the absolute max, my heart was going 1000 beats per minute, and my body was about to crash, I just stopped. In this pause, I heard clearly the words, “You have a choice.” I wrote them down. And this began my delving into a new concept of time choice over time management.

That was almost fifteen years ago.

Then I had my daughter. It was like the world just stopped and she became the first of my two greatest teachers. I watched how present she was, feeling every moment, choosing what brought her the most joy, whether it be looking at a colorful bird flying by or drinking her bottle. Having my son two years later, with him teaching me so much as well, and their little wondrous way of being in the world just strengthened the message that etched on my heart:

Time is a gift, and how we choose to spend it is our love letter back to it.

I began being as intentional as possible, in an effort to “reprogram” myself to make meaningful choices with time. I do my best to be mindful of my kiddos schedules and help them with their time choices. And while I know time choice is freeing, there are times that I get back into trying to manage too many things. The pause helps me realign. The world tries to suck you into the lie that you are more worthy when you are running around; our children are more accomplished when they are doing more; our jobs are more important when they keep us busier.

None of this is true.

You are worthy no strings attached. Your children are magnificent just as they are. Your job on this planet matters. You are enough, in this very moment. You can choose the things that most light your soul on fire, that most serve others, and you can release the things that suck the life out of you. Not everyone will like it. Not everyone will agree. But it’s ok, my friends. I am not writing as the one who has completely mastered this – oh no, I also have to remind myself of this often. But I figured if I need the reminder, maybe so do you ❤️